Hobie 16 SOLD

SOLD: 1976 Hobie 16 with Trailer

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I purchased this 1976 Hobie 16 in 2013, completely restored it in 2014 (including the trailer) and sailed it all year. I have several videos on youtube showing me sailing this ’76 Hobie 16. This Hobie is completely restored and ready to sail and located in Madison, AL. I’m selling the boat because I purchased a slighter newer 1984 Hobie 16. You could search around and find a cheap barn find project with a rusted out trailer, then spend a lot of money and all year fixing it, or you can buy this one, tow it to the lake and fly a hull today.

Below are all the details about the boat:

  • 1976 Hobie 16
    • Original “Flamer” sails #20060
    • Main and Jib in good condition, red sail bag for storage
    • Solid hulls, no delamination or soft spots, bottom wear is minimal, some small dings and scratches on gel coat
  • New parts replaced in 2014:
    • New shrouds and bridles (white coated)
    • New mesh trampoline
    • New dual trapeze wires (black coated) with J&H handles
    • New jib sheet
    • New main halyard with quick release snap shackle
    • New downhaul & outhaul
    • New “perfect righting line” (Salt City Sailing)
    • New mast step link
    • New rudder cams and locking kit
    • New tiller arm and tiller extension connectors
    • New mainsail and jib batten leach caps
    • New downhaul cleat
    • Vinyl graphics on hulls
  • Upgrades installed in 2014:
    • Aussie Jib Halyard
    • Low profile jib traveler cars
    • Custom Seaway low profile 6:1 mainsheet blocks with traveler and boom quick release pins for fast rigging
    • Harken 25mm jib clew blocks
    • 84″ fiberglass tiller extension with quick release pin for fast rigging
    • Quick release pin for forestay connection to chainplate makes rigging faster and easier
  • Completely overhauled trailer:
    • New 8″ wheels/tires
    • New bearings
    • New bearing buddies
    • New SS tie down “D” rings
    • Spare wheel/tire mounted to trailer
    • Ratchet straps
    • Fresh gloss grey paint
    • LED tail lights, LED side marker lights, new wiring
    • New non-marking thermoplastic rollers
    • Manual winch
    • Sail tube
  • Extras:
    • Extra jib (white/red/gold pattern) with new batten leach caps
    • SS tie down anchors (PETZL climbing anchors) installed on pylons
    • Trampoline zipper pouch for storage of halyards, etc. (18.5″ x 6.5″)
    • Bridle fly wind indicator
    • Various spare parts (mast bearings, drain plugs, shackles, pins, rings, etc.)

The only issue is a slight bend in the mast between the base and mast tang, from an on-shore flip due to storm gust. It still sails fine on both tacks, mast still rotates properly. I was never able to source a replacement mast, but they are out there, or you could sail on this one indefinitely.

I’m happy to give a test sail to serious buyers. Could also arrange a few lessons if you are new sailing. Please contact me with any questions you have.