Pickwick Lake Sailing

Sailed the 1984 Hobie 16 at Pickwick lake. Launched from the point ramp by East Point Marina. 10-15 MPH SSW winds, gusts 20-21 MPH. First went out with Boyd on board. Had my first pitchpole at ~18 MPH with Boyd out on the trap. Righted the boat solo, but it caught wind and cartwheeled back and to the other side. Boyd and I righted it together on the second attempt. Was very tired from the righting attempts, need to practice righting. Headed back to shore so Boyd could get his NACRA 5.2, with which he then shredded the lake, flying a hull high, trapped out super low. I soloed on the Hobie 16 the rest of the day. We sailed back and forth across the lake for the next 2 hours until we packed it up for the day.

Pitchpole Videos:

GPS Map & Speed Profiles:

speed map speed vs heading speed vs distance  Speed vs time