Guntersville Lake Double Header

DSCN5637Two days of sailing at Guntersville Lake with Charlie and Michelle. On day 1, all three of us sailed on the 1984 Hobie 16. Jay did a few fly-bys in his Kit Fox for aerial pictures and video… had at least a few usable shots. We sailed all the way down to the “lighthouse house” and headed back to shore for a late lunch. I handed controlled of the tiller to Michelle on the way back, then she handed it over to Charlie so he could get comfortable at the helm with the tiller and mainsheet. After lunch, I just rode along to give them instruction while Michelle worked the jib and Charlie worked the main and tiller.

Brad Sail 1

IMG_1480After a successful first day, we launched both boats the second day. I soloed the 1976 Hobie 16, while C & M sailed the 1984. Day 2 had much calmer winds, with me getting stuck for 30 minutes near land with no wind. After lunch, it picked up a bit and we able to chase each other around for a while.

Day 1 GPS Map & Speed Profiles:

Map Speed vs Distance Speed vs Heading Speed vs Time

Day 2 GPS Map & Speed Profiles:

20150413141724-44194-map 20150413141354-44194-profile 20150413141414-44194-profile 20150413141329-44194-profile